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Jian Wenxin was born during the Emperors Era. She is a daughter of Immortal Emperor.[1]

One day she, her mother and brother had to flee for their life. That day was when they cut all ties with their father. They changed their surnames to "Jian" and created the Jian Clan.[2][1]

Dark Crow

Jian Wenxin was Dark Crow's follower and Hong Tian's friend. She was said to be as wise as an ocean and has even defeated Empress Hong Tian during early years of their dao cultivation path. She was able to create perfect plans and strategies and could be credited as the person planning behind the scenes for Hong Tian, along with Dark Crow. Li Qiye has himself admitted that, she is the person who knows him the best and his ambitions. However she wasn't as ambitious as Hong Tian and preferred simple life with her clan to Dark Crow's life of war and conquest. She, however still helped Dark Crow to create strategies for him. In order to help Dark Crow regain his true body, she created a perfect plan to help Hong Tian carry out her plan. However, before the plan could take fruit, Dark Crow and Hong Tian had a disagreement about it and which led to a war. Afterwards both Dark Crow and Hong Tian parted ways to follow their own path.

Jian Wenxin, in order to create a perfect plan, used the power of Heaven and Earth, which led to a severe loss of vitality and eventually to her deathbed after sometime. She died beside the Dark Crow, as per her request. Dark Crow created a tomb for her and buried her in the clan.

Li Qiye always had some regrets, regarding her death and didn't visited the Jian clan after her death. She is one of the few, who could affect his decisions. Li Qiye always remembers a quote from her.

“ The heavens is too unreachable, there is nothing bad about being a trapped ant in this world. „
Jian Wenxin

Whenever he stood before the gates of Jian clan, these words would echo in his mind. There was nothing in this world that could hinder his path or make him stop. Alas, this sentence haunted his mind and made him feel quite uncomfortable.

The reason, she wanted to live an ordinary life was because of her Immortal Emperor father, who tried to kill her and her family to prove his Dao. This left an indeible mark on her heart and one of the reason, she didn't compete for the Heaven's Will. Even though her talent and wisdom were extraordinary, she chose an ordinary life in Nine world's unlike Hong Tian and helped Li Qiye in his endeavors until her death. [3]


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