The Jewel Pillar Sacred School was founded by the Princess of the Jade Valley Country and her husband; the strongest expert of his generation — a peak Virtuous Paragon with Grand Completion Saint Physique.[1][2]


The Jewel Pillar Sacred School had many of the best Physiques and rumored to have the most Physique Merit Laws. Over the years the School had many Virtuous Paragons who almost achieved Grand Completion Immortal Physiques; thus, people believed that the School had Physique Merit Laws even for Immortal Physiques. Even though the School never had an Immortal Emperor, it is renowned throughout entire Mortal Emperor World.[3]

Chen Clan's Decline

The School's progenitor ordered that whoever was the wisest will be the ruler for the School. This led to the tragic consequences for the Chen Clan. It declined for a very long time and eventually was removed from power. Chen Clan became merely a Regional Monarchs of one direction inside the Jade Valley Country, with the jurisdiction no more than 100,000 miles.[1]

Current Era

Chen Clan's descendant, Chen Baojiao, was a regional princess, but since she had values that could be exploited by the School, she became an official princess. Heavenly God Dao Child from the Heavenly God Sect wanted to marry her, and the Jewel Pillar Sacred School wanted to be in-laws with the Heavenly God Sect. To the School, the Heavenly God Ancestor was a powerful backing.[1] On the other hand, Chen Baojiao was absolutely against this engagement, and did not recognize herself as Heavenly God Dao Child's fiancee.[3]

After the events of the Evil Infested Ridge, the Heavenly God Sect ordered the Jade Valley Country to marry Chen Baojiao to Heavenly God Dao Child as a natural progression of their engagement. Both the Jewel Pillar Sacred School and the Jade Valley Country were very happy to become allies with the Heavenly God Sect, so, the marriage date was set. However, since Heavenly God Dao Child had not tried to save Chen Baojiao at the Evil Infested Ridge, she was ready to die rather than accept this marriage and resolutely canceled the marriage. In the end, Chen Baojiao destroyed her dao foundation and left the School.[4]



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