The Jade Spiral Merit Law was created during the Desolate Era. In that Era it was one of the beginning Merit Laws of the many cultivators from the Human Race.[1]

Dark Crow

At some point Dark Crow obtained the Jade Spiral Merit Law and studied it for many years. He then combined his own thoughts with enlightenments of countless other cultivators. By combining the profound truths of this Merit Law in one place, Dark Crow transformed it into a true guiding principle of cultivation.[1]

Emperors Era

Dark Crow taught the Jade Spiral Merit Law to Min Ren. Later on, when they built the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, the Jade Spiral Merit Law became one of its most important foundational Merit Laws. Many sect disciples and even Immortal Emperor Min Ren's most powerful generals had all practiced the Jade Spiral Merit Law.[1]

However, later generations regarded the Jade Spiral Merit Law to be too simple and basic. Having Min Ren's Emperor Laws, they looked down on practicing the Jade Spiral Merit Law and not many disciples were willing to learn this Merit Law any longer.[1]

Current Era

Eventually, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect started to treat the Jade Spiral Merit Law as the most common Merit Laws; is was not considered confidential or anything. Any disciple could spread this method – even to the mortal world – because this method was regarded as too ordinary and simple.[1]

The Jade Spiral Merit Law became one of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's basic Merit Laws. It was relegated into the Sect's outer court; only the disciples who had not officially entered the Sect was willing to study this method. One third of all disciples practiced this merit law at some point.[1]

Cleansing Jade Peak

When Li Qiye was appointed as the new instructor of the outer court's Cleansing Jade Peak, he preached about the Jade Spiral Merit Law's profound truths to the Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples. His insights into this seemingly simple and crude Merit Law had shocked every disciple and even a genius like Li Shuangyan.[1]

Li Qiye inspected Zhang Yu's cultivation and find out that he cultivated the wrong Merit Law all these years. If he continue, there will not be a half step of improvement. The only choice he have is to destroy his cultivation and start everything from the beginning. Zhang Yu was frightened by this, but eventually agreed and Li Shuangyan destroyed his cultivation and he started anew with the Jade Spiral Merit Law.[2][3]


The Jade Spiral Merit Law is an all-purpose Merit Law; it didn't focus solely on Fate Palace or Life Wheel, but could refine both of them. Even though it is superficial, it is an excellent Merit Law for the beginners. This Merit Law is fair and honest as well as gentle and mild; it is very suitable for laying down the cultivation's foundation.[1]


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