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The Ironscale School was a relatively big tribe in the Heaven Spirit World.[1]

Current Era

The Tribe's young lord Lei Yu wanted to establish a stronghold outside of the School and had chosen the island with the Hundred-Saints Hall for it. Unfortunately, the Hundred-Saints Hall's last disciple, Zhang Baitu, didn't want to sell the island, leading to the conflict. Lei Yu tried to forcefully destroy the Hundred-Saints Hall, but no matter how he attacked he couldn't do anything to the Hall. The events attracted Li Qiye's attention. Li Qiye killed Lei Yu's followers, and soon after Lei Yu himself, his father, and then completely destroyed the Ironscale School.[1][2][3]


The Ironscale School was situated deep in trenches in the Dragon Demon Sea, around one thousand miles away from the Giant Dragon Mountain Range.[1]


The Ironscale School was a fish tribe among the Sea Demons. Their defining characteristic was back covered with armored fish scales.[1]


  • 2 Character(s) from Ironscale School


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