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The Invisible Dual Blades exists at least since the Emperors Era.[1]

Min Ren

At the start of the Emperors Era it was practised by Min Ren. Later, when he became an Immortal Emperor, he reminisced about this technique. He once again cultivated with it, slowly perfecting it. Of course, as a Martial Art, it was not comparable to the Immortal Emperor Merit Laws that he created, let alone the Heaven's Will Secret Law, but it was still very powerful.[1]

For some reason Min Ren didn't wanted for his descendants to practice the Invisible Dual Blades, so the technique had lied dormant in the library of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect for millions of years as no one knew its real power.[1]

Current Era

After Li Qiye joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, since he knew the truth about the Invisible Dual Blades, he requested access to it. Cultivators considered martial arts to be weaker than even the simplest Merit Law, so the Elders gladly agreed, and the manual was given to Li Qiye.[1]

Li Qiye studied the Invisible Dual Blades before going to the Nine Saint Demon Gate[2] and continued to train with it there.[3]

Li Qiye used the Invisible Dual Blades to kill Du Yuanguang.[4]

Li Qiye used the Min Ren's dual blades and the Invisible Dual Blades to defend against Leng Shizhi's Thirty Six Celestial Deities Sword Formation.[5]

Li Qiye used the Min Ren's dual blades and the Invisible Dual Blades to kill Heavenly Beasts in the Evil Infested Ridge.[6]


The Invisible Dual Blades is a Martial Art.[1]


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