The dao lineage was founded by Insane Ancestor.

Wang Han, the current ruler is from the Wang faction, one of the four great powers at the court. Her official title is Insane Lineage Queen.


Insane Court’s dao system was opened by Insane Ancestor and spanned for more than ten million miles. The inner territories formed a separate world.[2]


Sects and Clans

  • Wang Faction (Wang Clan)
  • Upper Faction (Chen Clan)
    • Peng Clan
  • Sacred Institution
    • Northern Territory (Northern Border)
    • Southern Courtyard
  • Chu Camp


  • Royal Court
    • Royal Palace
      • Skyshift Hall
      • Remembrance
  • Ivory Gap


  • 7 Character(s) from Insane Court
  • 1 Sect(s) from Insane Court
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