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The Inner Longevity is the 5th level of Cultivation.[1]


  1. Treasure Tempering (淬宝): At this stage a Cultivator could change one's Blood Energy into a Longevity Treasure. This Longevity Treasure could be inherited or created from a Life Ring. With a Longevity Treasure is easier to refine Longevity Blood.[2]
  2. Essence Polymerization (聚华): At this stage a Cultivator absorbs the essence of the heaven and earth to empower the original Blood Energy then refine it into Longevity Blood.[2]
  3. Flowing Life Wheel (浇寿轮): At this stage a cultivator uses the Longevity Treasure to strengthen the body and the Life Wheel. The Life Wheel would give birth to new layers. One layer is equivalent to one year. When the Life Wheel has a thousand layers, this stage is complete.[2]


  • 7 Appearance(s) of Inner Longevity
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