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Inheritances (传承) are nations or sects that were created by Dao Lords in the Eight Desolates.

List of Inheritances[]

The inheritances visited by Li Qiye are highlighted.

Name # Dao Lords Notes
Divine Black 1 South Conch
True Immortal Sect

1 Blessed
3 All-things
?(Last) Heaven Wheel

Three Truths Sect 1 Three Truths
Yin Yang Zen Gate Ancient Zen Strongest sect in the north of Western King[3]
Buddha Holy Ground 4

1 Buddha
3 Dhyana
4 Vajra

Strongest sect in the south of Western King[3][4]
Stone Plateau's Ancestral City 2[5]

1 Golem Ancestor
2 Golem Monarch

The core of the Ancestral City and the symbol of the golems.[5]
Skylight Country 2[6] Skylight One of the largest countries in the north Western King.[6]
Divine Stone Ridge Celestial Stone [7]
Righteous Sect 3[8]

1 Righteous
2 Heaven Devourer

Buddha Holy Ground's rival[9][1]



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