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During Tun Ri's generation she was the most powerful and adored disciple of Dark Crow.[1]

Later on she joined the Soaring Immortal Sect and made many meritorious contributions. Eventually she became a beloved wife of Immortal Emperor Tun Ri.[2]


After she passed away, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri mourned and couldn't forget. Her grave has always been illuminated by his imperial light.[2]

Her grave became a holy location in Soaring Immortal Sect. For many generations, the disciples came to this place in order to worship and remember her meritorious contributions to the Sect.[2]

Imperial Queen Ren Xian

When Imperial Queen Ren Xian experiments with the Ancient Ming bloodline were discovered by Dark Crow, she faked her death to escape from him. She hid in the grave of Imperial Queen Tun Ri, because she knew that Dark Crow would be unable to violate a grave of his former disciple.[1]



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