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She was a wife of Immortal Emperor Ren Xian and mother of his four children.

She hated Dark Crow for that he forced Ren Xian to sever his Ancient Ming bloodline. She treated it as her husband greatest humiliation. Because of that she herself started to experiment with Ancient Ming bloodline. To hide from Dark Crow, she faked her death and hid in the grave of Imperial Queen Tun Ri, because she knew that Dark Crow would be unable to violate the grave of his former disciple.[1]

It worked exactly as she planned. Not only Dark Crow, but also the ancestors of Soaring Immortal Sect who were looking for a traitor never searched Imperial Queen Tun Ri's grave, giving Imperial Queen Ren Xian countless years to plan her revenge on Dark Crow.[2][1]

Current Era

She came out when Gu Zun captured her children.[2]

She was killed by Li Qiye.[3]


She is a beauty stealing away the splendor of the mountains, rivers, and the stars. She was the culmination of all that is fair and bright in the world. The most admirable feature was her regal aura, making others want to kneel down after sensing it. It was as if she was born to rule the world and give orders.[2]




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