Imperial Lineage is a conglomeration of Dao Lineages with golden Dao Sources.[1] It is larger and more majestic than Myriad, but its exact scale remains unknown. Dao systems and different races exist in great numbers such that the world prospers and has produced many powerful beings - emperors and progenitors.[2]

The three strongest Systems are Nine Secrets, the Mu and the Li Clan. There are three True Emperors in Myriad, Li Yuzhen of the Li, and Puresword True Emperor of the Mu and Eight Formation True Emperor from Nine Secrets.

The strongest cultivator is Solar Daoist, an Everlasting.


Imperial Lineage consists of many territories established by Dao Lineages.

Dao Lineages and Locations

Unknown Dao Lineages

    • Hundred-leaf School (百叶宗)
    • Dancing Crane Sect (鹤舞教)
    • Lu Clan (卢家)


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