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The Immortal Writ came from the high heaven.[1]

Jiao Heng

At some point Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng obtained at least nine Immortal Writs.[2]

Gu Clan

Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng owed a debt to the Gu Clan, so he bestowed the nine Immortal Writs to them. However, the Clan misunderstood Immortal Writ's origin and believed that they were Jiao Heng's Emperor's Possessions and their power came from the Emperor. Because of this misunderstanding, the Gu Clan used six Writs during Jiao Heng's reign, but the last three were preserved as symbols of the Clan's glorious past.[2][1]

Current Era

The Gu Clan gave tha last three Immortal Writs to Li Qiye in exchange for the Early People's Nine Languages.[3]

Li Qiye used one Immortal Writ to reach the Void Gate.[4]

Li Qiye gave one Immortal Writ to Tie Yi.[5]


The Immortal Writ grant wishes written on it.[1]