Current Era

In the Current Era, Mei Suyao is the only person known to possess an Immortal Bone.[1]


The Immortal Soulbone is the best type of the Immortal Bone. It is located between person's eyebrows.[1][2]

It grants following abilities:

Instant Learning

The Immortal Soulbone could turn complexity into simplicity. This meant that no matter how complex the Merit Law is, even if it is Immortal Emperor Merit Law or Heaven's Will Secret Law, as long as Immortal Soulbone's owner took a glance, he or she would immediately be able to grasp its profundity. The person with the Immortal Soulbone could learn anything in an instant.[1]

Petrifying Immortal Light

The Immortal Soulbone could project Immortal Light, which can seal even the Heavenly Kings.[2]


  • 1 Character(s) with Immortal Soulbone
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