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This is the war that ended the Ancient Ming. It was a time of darkness and the Nine Worlds ran red with rivers of blood and mountains of corpses as the heavens were shattered by incomparable battles, not even an Immortal Emperor could claim invincibility in this war.[1]


The Ancient Ming were lead by the Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty whilst the Nine Worlds Alliance was lead by the Dark Crow himself. The war ended in the Mortal Emperor World at the Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty with the death of Long Ming and the complete genocide of the Ancient Ming.[?]

Ancient Ming

The Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty was one of the most powerful forces to ever exist in the Nine Worlds as it had the complete support of all the Ancient Ming clans and sects.[?]

The Ancient Ming were especially powerful and overbearing because before the start of the war Long Ming had seized the Heaven's Will and had become an Immortal Emperor. He had declared that the Ancient Ming would be the eternal rulers of the Nine Worlds and began enslaving the other races which enraged Dark Crow who decided to end the Ancient Ming once and for all.[?]

Nine Worlds Alliance

When the alliance launched its attack on the Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty the Azure Dragon Legion was order to hold off the reinforcement from Ancient Ming heritages from across the Nine Worlds whilst the other forces destroyed the Dynasty and the Dark Crow killed Long Ming under the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation.


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