Immortal Physique (仙体) is the strongest level of the Physique. Cultivators can't be born with it; Immortal Physique can only be cultivated from the previous levels.[1]

There were at least one hundred cultivators with Grand Completion Immortal Physique in history,[2] but only Script error were identified so far.


There are 12 Immortal Physiques,[1] each with some special techniques and unique powers. Only the Eternal Physique doesn't assist cultivation or offensive power.[3]







Immortal Physique StrikesEdit

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Immortal Physique Strikes (仙体击) are extremely rare and powerful techniques. Only Immortal Emperor with Immortal Physique at Grand Completion can create them. It is also speculated that the Physique Merit Law that Immortal Emperor used to reach Grand Completion must be self-made.[4]

The strength of the Immortal Physique Strikes are speculated to be on par with the Heaven's Will Secret Laws or even stronger.[4]

Some powerful cultivators could create an Immortal Physique Strike even without becoming an Immortal Emperor. For example, Evil Devourer Progenitor created the Charming Evil Strike, while Li Qiye created the Myriad World Soaring Immortal and Hell Suppression Godly Aegis.


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