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Immortal Lineage is a conglomeration of Dao Lineages with clear and cold Dao Sources.[1]

Currently there are about eight or ten True Emperors in the current generation on top of some from the previous.[2]

There are two Progenitors in the current generation Luminous Master and Orchid Sage.[2]


Immortal Lineage consists of many territories established by Dao Lineages.

Dao Lineages


Immortal borders on the Sky Ruins and on the Uncrossable Expanse. It is fortified against both locations by the Sky Moat, a wall built on top of the desolate wildlands stretching across the borders of Immortal Lineage. This land is larger than a dozen systems combined. The only gate through the Sky Moat is Sky Pass, a military garnison, which developed into a city.


  • 35 Character(s) from Immortal Lineage World
  • 2 Place(s) from Immortal Lineage World


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