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The Immortal Injury Peony is an Immortal Medicine. It was born in the Lost Alchemy Garden of Immortals during the Emperors Era and had been living for 8 to 9 million years.[1]

Current Era

Li Qiye visited the Lost Alchemy Garden of Immortals and the Immortal Injury Peony was one of the many Medicines that decided to leave the Garden with him.[2]

When Li Qiye was blasted from the Sacred Nether World to the Stone Medicine World he was heavily wounded and was forced to use the Immortal Injury Peony to heal his body.[1]

During the Golem Square Auction, Li Qiye used a few petals of the Immortal Injury Peony in exchange for Wan Shi's Rock.[3]


The Immortal Injury Peony is a first rate medicine for treating injuries; it allowes flesh to grow on bare bones and could spout out limbs that were previously torn apart. It could also dispel curses and even had a chance of curing a mortal wounds.[1]


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