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Immortal Emperor True Treasures (仙帝真器) are True Treasures which have been personally created by an Immortal Emperor. They are believed to be the most powerful weapons in the Nine Worlds.

Imperial Soul[]

It is a shadow of the Immortal Emperor's soul that resides in an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.[1]

Heavenly Annihilation[]

A Heavenly Annihilation(天灭) was the ultimate attack of an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.[2] Not all the descendant could unleash a Heavenly Annihilation and it require a large amount of Blood Energy and time to recharge after using it.[3]

Soul Annihilation[]

Soul Annihilation (神天灭) is an attack even more powerful than a Heavenly Annihilation. In order to unleash this attack one requires to fulfill several conditions. First, one should get the recognition of the weapon’s Imperial Soul. Second, one should be powerful enough to awaken it and have sufficient strength to unleash a Heavenly Annihilation. Third, one should cultivate the corresponding Heaven’s Will Secret Law. At Last, one should combine this spirit and the Heaven’s Will Secret Law to muster the invincible attack. Rumors says that anyone outside of Immortal Emperors would find extremely difficult to use this attack.[1]

Known Immortal Emperor True Treasures[]

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Name Emperor Heavenly Annihilation Current Owner Status
Benevolent Saber Min Ren For-Humanity Slash Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect Exists
Bright Flame Imperial Cauldron Zhuo Huo Karmic Imperial Flame Alchemy Kingdom Exists
Silk Dragon Robe Can Long Soaring Immortal Sect Exists
Coiling Dragon Banner Pan Long Allpine Treefather Exists
Divine Beast Zither Bi Shi Nine Grand Supremes Alchemy Kingdom Exists
Dragon Subduing Basket Yao Zu Immortal Plucking Alchemy Kingdom Exists
Evil Subduing Rod Fu Mo Brilliance Ancient Kingdom Exists
Jade Dragon Whip Yu Long Jianlong Clan Exists
Marching Battle Spear Bu Zhan Buzhan Clan (possibly) Unknown
Mundane Sword Fan Chen Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom Exists
Ancient Purity Blade Gu Chun Gu Chun's Four Branches Exists
Virtuous Sword Ren Xian Soaring Immortal Sect Exists
Tyrannical Destruction Saber Ba Mie Soaring Immortal Sect Exists
Missing Feather Fei Soaring Immortal Sect Exists
Sun Devouring Spear Tun Ri Soaring Immortal Sect Exists


  • 25 Appearance(s) of Immortal Emperor True Treasures
  • 14 Immortal Emperor True Treasures


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