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The Immortal Demon Grotto is an ominous place, that exists at least since the Desolate Era. Legend has it that an evil demon exists there, who instantly devour any trespasser. No one had ever made it out of the Grotto alive.[1]

Desolate Era

Li Qiye went into the Grotto in search for the lost sheep, but was caught by the Xiao Shi, who imprisoned his soul in the body of the Dark Crow.[1]

Emperors Era

Gu Zun told Immortal Emperor Ta Kong about the Immortal Demon Grotto's whereabouts.[2] This resulted in a Battle of Black Dragon King vs Ta Kong.

Current Era

Li Qiye returned to his original body and regained consciousness nearby the Grotto.[1]

Several years later, shortly before becoming an Immortal Emperor, Li Qiye returned to the Grotto. He wanted to get the Longevity Grass, but found only dying Xiao Shi. Li Qiye burried him in the Grotto.


The entrance to the Immortal Demon Grotto is situated in the Mortal Emperor World.[1]



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