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The Immortal Bone Mirror existed since the Desolate Era and was honed by an Immortal Emperor. At some unknown point of time it ended up in the possession of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.[1]

Current Era

In the Current Era, Grand Protector Yu He used the Immortal Bone Mirror to check if Li Qiye bear some hidden treasures, during his trials.[2]


The Immortal Bone Mirror had immortal flow patterns, exuding an aura like a living creature.[3]


The Immortal Bone Mirror can see through all hidden objects. It can show if someone bear some hidden treasures or not.[1] When flashed on the Cultivator, the Immortal Bone Mirror force his/her Life Wheel and Fate Palace to appear.[3]


  • 2 Appearance(s) of Immortal Bone Mirror
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