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A cultivator's talents had to do with their Life Wheel, Physique, and Fate Palace. Outside of these three things, other things rarely had a direct effect on cultivation, but an Immortal Bone is one of these rare things. Moreover, an Immortal Bone is extremely unique and rare. Rumor has it that a person with the Immortal Bone would be invincible in their era. There was even a rumor stating that a person with the Immortal Bone was comparable to having an Immortal Physique. Of course, they were only legends as people could not gather accurate information, because ever since time immemorial, very few people had the Immortal Bone.[1]


  • Immortal Soulbone
  • Immortal Skeleton: As the name suggests, it is entire skeleton of the Immortal Bones. It is known as the legendary Invincible Bones.[2]


Ancient Ming Era[]

In the Ancient Ming Era there was a person from the Ancient Ming race with the Immortal Skeleton. He was almost invincible and killed countless geniuses of the Nine Worlds. The Ancient Ming hoped that he could become the second Immortal Emperor Tian Tu. In the end, Dark Crow captured this person and thoroughly studied the immortal bones. After that Li Qiye broke every immortal bones and pulled them out from his body.[2]

Current Era[]

In the Current Era only Mei Suyao, successor of the Eternal River School, is known to possess the Immortal Bone or more precisely the Immortal Soulbone.[1]