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The plaque was created by either Dark Crow or Dongting Lake's founders.

It is hung above the Hundred-Saints Hall.[1]


It appears to be made out of bronze yet wasn't bronze, iron but not iron, wood but not wood. No one knows what it was made from.[1]

The plaque had been through many years and looked like time had polished away all traces of what was written on this plaque. Nevertheless, one could still see three faintly visible words engraved on it — Hundred-Saints Hall. These words were etched with an archaic style, so only the knowledgeable would be able to recognize them. The three words had suffered the battering of time for too long, so they became quite blurred. One could almost see stars lingering around them, as if they contained a portion of a vast universe.[1]

If someone with good insight took an even more careful look, they would find something else. It looked like there was indeed a celestial system and a universe around them. Within this universe was a great army, an invincible cavalry that was stationed here. However, they were too tiny, especially for those with weaker vision. Everything was placed around these three words. There was also a figure of a crow carved above these three words. When it spread its wings, the crow shielded the words as if it was granting them its protection.[1]



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