The Hundred-Saints Hall was created by the Hong Clan, Xu Clan and Zhang Clan; the former faithful followers of Dark Crow.[1]

The Hundred-Saints Hall contains memorial tablets with names engraved on them. Majority of them had the surname Hong, Xu or Zhang.[1]


The Hundred-Saints Hall is situated in the Giant Dragon Mountain Range. It is part of the Dongting Lake, but the Lake itself forgot about it, and only ancient beings from other lineages still remember about it.[2]


The Hundred-Saints Hall is situated on the quite large island. The island was abandoned long ago, and is currently a desolate location. Many old pavilions and buildings were built on it, but most had collapsed and were invaded by thickets of weeds. Only a few buildings at the very top of the island remained intact. These buildings were built around an ancient temple, the Hundred-Saints Hall.[2]

The Hundred-Saints Hall is very old. The whole structure seemed to have stemmed from one solid piece. The gray walls appeared to have been carved out of a single gigantic stone.[2]



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