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The Hundred-Grass Heavenly Cauldron is a Heavenly Cauldron that was used by Hundred-Grass Alchemy Emperor before he became an Alchemy Emperor.[1]

When Hundred-Grass Alchemy Emperor switched to a different cauldron, he gave the Hundred-Grass Heavenly Cauldron to a close friend. This friend treated this cauldron as his family heirloom for generations.[1]

Many years later the master of the cauldron needed a huge amount of spirit medicines, so he was forced to sell the Hundred-Grass Heavenly Cauldron. He gave it to the Golem Square, and it was sold to Li Qiye for 15,000,000 Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades.[2]

Li Qiye then gave it to Shi Hao.[3]


It had the appearance of a tree stump — very archaic looking. It didn’t have an oppressive aura, but it had a profound dao intent.[4]


It is a Heavenly Cauldron that not only suitable for pill refinement, but also for growing plants.[1]


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