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The Houtian Physique (后天之体) is considered almost worthless by powerful sects and nations, at least much inferior than the Xiantian Physiques. The reason for this is the fact that the Houtian Physique cannot be upgraded to higher levels, and instead has its own evolution procedure. However some types of the Houtian Physique can be evolved to degree then it can rival an Immortal Physique.[1][2]

If one has a Demon as an ancestor, it is very likely that ancestor's original form would manifest as a Houtian Physique. For example, Xu Hui's father was a Golden Hawk and Xu Hui was born with the Golden Hawk Physique,[3] Huangfu Feng's ancestor was a Golden Bird and she was born with the Golden Bird Physique,[4] etc.



  • 9 Appearance(s) of Houtian Physique
  • 9 Character(s) with Houtian Physique


    1. It didn't belong to any other type, so it can be only Houtian Physique.
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