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Hong Yujiao is a disciple of the Dongting Lake's Hong Clan.[1]


Hong Yujiao is a very beautiful woman. Even though she was not a kingdom-toppling beauty, she had her own style and wore a tight bluish-green dress. It wrapped her body and revealed all the curves of her figure. Her towering soft breasts were plump enough to accentuate her slender waist. Such an outfit seemed like it was built for someone who often dives into the water.[1]

She had a little makeup on her face, making her even more charming. Her willowy brows carried both a touch of femininity and a hint of tenacity. Her spirited pair of round and large eyes were bright, giving off a sharp and determined sensation.[1]

Despite not being a kingdom-toppling beauty, her firm and resolute demeanor made her quite attractive. This was a woman with a straightforward style.[1]


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