She joined Li Qiye and Charcoal in entering Fire Ancestor’s ship on its expedition to Sky Ruins.


She is quite young, only slightly over twenty, has beautiful features, tall and thin - more than enough to make the fish and birds hide from feeling inadequate.

When Li Qiye first met her, light emanated and flowed like water before her coming, as if a layer of white snow was covering the ground. The light was warm and had a cleansing nature like a hot breeze amidst a world of snow, clearing a lost traveler’s mind.

Her white-snow dress accentuated her flawlessness. Most importantly, her hair draping over her shoulders was white as well. She looked like a princess from a world of snow.

However, the most noticeable part about her was her sacred glow. The light followed her wherever she went. She even had a pair of wings made of light particles. When they flapped ever so slightly, these particles would rain down and chase away the darkness, making her a holy and inviolable beauty.


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