It wasn’t until the age of 100 when he broke through the Dao Dust realm despite cultivating his entire life. One can already envision this emperor’s aptitudes from this speed alone. Also he only opened three fate palaces throughout his life, the lowest number of all emperors. However, the fact he was able to become a Grand Emperor despite his poor aptitudes, is testament of how strong his Dao Heart is.[1]

Due his lifestyle, living like a mortal and mastering different handicrafts, such as sesame cakes, straw mats or tofu. He takes the Dao of these crafts to their limits however while doing so he creates a balance between what he gives and takes from the heaven and the earth. He does not take more than he gives and does not give more than he takes. This creates a harmony with heaven and Earth. Thus he is able to live in the mortal world without attracting a heavenly tribulation. Many Emperors tried to study or copy this and failed.[2]


  • 99,999 fetuses White Armament


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