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At the Immortal Execution War's end, several of the Dark Crow's generals decided to guard the land where this battle was fought. They built a cidatel know as Heavenwatch and formed their families there. With time this place grow to a city.[1]
Rumours says that quite a few Immortal Emperors had visited the city but they never disturbed the peace of this place. Because of this, the city had always been tranquil. Even those who had feuds would not fight inside the city. For this peaceful environment the city was renamed as Holy City.[1]

At the beginning of the Emperors Era, the city was mainly occupied by Humans. Later, other races like the Blood Race and the Demon Race slowly began to gather at the Holy City as well.[2]


Holy City is located at the foot of the Hidden-dragon Mountains, in the Barren Earth region of the Mortal Emperor World to the. From its doors one could see the Godwar Mountains.[1]


  • Thunder Tower
  • Dragon Platform
  • Apricot Peak
    • Xu Clan's Winehouse
    • DracoHouse


Holy City is largest citadel in the Barren Earth[2] and one of the two biggest enclaves of the Human Race in the Mortal Emperor World. It is tastefully simple and architecturally unadorned. It seemed to have experienced the weathering of countless years but still stood strong. There are gigantic trees, waterfalls that fell from the sky and floating peaks.[1]