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High Heaven War Scrolls are items originating from the High Heaven, falling down during an Ultimate Expedition.

In consequence they are items of great value and power, but sometimes damaged due the War at the End or to the process of their arrival.

In order to derive the mysteries of these items, often covered by runes also found in the Burning Rampart, a cultivator first needs to break the seal. Next he incubates it simultanously deciding the form of the weapon in accordance with his understanding of the scroll. Finally he gains knowledge on the different properties, making him able to utilize its power to its fullest extend. This process might take several hundred thousand years.[1]

Known High Heaven War Scrolls include (in the order of their assumed power level):

  • Limit Severer, a saber incubated by Divine Palace High God, now owned by Star Stomper High God[2]
  • War God Temple's High Heaven Manual
  • Jilin Clan's High Heaven War Scroll, currently opened up by Li Qiye[1] and crafted into the saber Heavenseize.[3]
  • High Heaven Palace, currently owned by Celestial Academy, thought to be one of the three most powerful War Scrolls



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