High God is the other path for cultivators in the Tenth World after the Dao Celestial realm. To reach this level, one must fuse its own dao with their Fate Palaces to create a Totem. When one High God has twelve Totems he recieves the title of Ancient God. This path was created by the Inconcealable Ancient God.[1]


A Totem is formed when a cultivator fuses their dao, a Fate Palace and chaos energy into one single entity. Totems give High Gods the chance to contend against Grand Emperors. Nevertheless one totem is not equivalent to one Heaven's Will. Only when totems synchronize themselves to act as one and form a set, a High God would be able to fight against an emperor with the same number of Heaven's Wills. The minimum number of totems to form a set is three.[2]

The reason is that a set of Totems allows a High God to learn the mysteries of the four images in the fate palace and the power within. This power is called Anima.[2]

List of High GodsEdit

Title Race Status Nº Totems Lineage Notes
1 Inconcealable Ancient God 12 Creator of the divinity path, 1st to have twelve totems.
2 Mortal Reversion Ancient God Hundred Races/Demon Alive 12 4th person in the world to have twelve totems. He has the Human-Monarch bloodline.
3 Mad God Dead 11 Killed by Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian.
4 Grand Rule High God Dead 3 Sun Shrouding Gate
5 Southern Sun High God Alive Southern Sun Clan
6 Divine Palace High God Heaven Race Dead 10 Donggong Clan Strongest high god of the Donggong Clan.
7 Star Stomper Hundred Races Alive 9 Peng Clan ​​He has the Nine Cauldrons bloodline.
8 Winged High God Dead[3] 3
9 Shangguan Tu Dead[4] 1
10 Shi Hunlin Alive 3
11 Sima Yun Dead 2 Tamedragon High God He is the oldest disciple of the Tamedragon High God. Flattened by Li Qiye.
12 Tamedragon High God Dead 11 Tamedragon Cavalry Founded the Tamedragon Cavalry, a group of bandit High Gods.
13 Soaring-stream High God Alive 6[5]
14 Heavenly Phoenix Princess Stone Golem Alive 3 Heavenly Phoenix Country / War-Monarch Clan Jin Ge's wife. She has one of the Heaven Race's Ancestral bloodlines.
15 Liu Jinsheng Alive 11 Celestial Academy Notorious, used to be called Nether Lunatic.[6]
16 Nine-sword High God Dead 11 Virtuous's Dao Protector.[7]
17 Wang Xuanji Dead 1 Freesky Sect He is the Freesky Young Lord.[8]
18 Gu Qiheng Alive 7 From the current generation, Virtuous's friend and a teacher at Celestial Academy.[8]
19 Hundred-arm War God Alive 11 God's Hall Led God's Hall in the attack on Celestial Academy.[9]
20 Luo Wencang Dead Eight-pillar Society Joined in on the attack on Celestial Academy.[9]
21 Ying Chenyu Dead Eight-pillar Society Joined in on the attack on Celestial Academy.[9]
22 Zhang Ruolei Alive Zhang Trinity Defended the Celestial Academy.[10]
23 Zhang Ruofeng Alive Zhang Trinity Defended the Celestial Academy.[10]
24 Zhang Ruoyu Alive Zhang Trinity Fiercest member of the Zhang trinity. Defended the Celestial Academy.[10]
25 Allpine Treefather Hundred Races/Demon Alive Li Qiye
26 Bullchief High God Alive 11 Bull Mountain Ancestor of Bull Mountain, his true name is Niu Ruichang. He led four other High Gods to pressure Mu Yueli during her ascension.[11]

List of High God GroupsEdit

Title Leader Nº High Gods Members Notes
1 Tamedragon Cavalry Tamedragon High God 9 The most terrifying squad of High Gods in Pure.[12] (annihilated by Li Qiye)
2 God's Hall Hundred-arm War God Considered one of the strongest groups in the thirteen continents.[9]
3 Eight-pillar Society 8 One of the strongest groups in Arrogance.[13] (annihilated by Li Qiye)
4 Zhang Trinity Zhang Ruoyu 3
  • Zhang Ruolei
  • Zhang Ruofeng
Three High Gods that can combine their totems into a set of 10.[10]


  • 2 Character(s) at the High God level
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