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Heavenvine Treefather was a founder of the Heavenvine Citadel. Apart from creating the Citadel, he also left behind the Heavenvine Calabash that greatly helped later generations.[1]

Heavenly Tribulation

During Immortal Emperor Bu Si generation, the Heavenvine Citadel became greedy. They tried to to seize the essence of the Heaven's Will to forcefully create another Heavenvine Calabash, but it ended in tragedy. The Heavenly Tribulation punished Heavenvine Treefather and left behind eternal wound.[2]

Ever since the Heavenvine Citadel has been looking for an alchemist to cure Treefather, but they were in no rush.[1]


Heavenvine Treefather is a gigantic vine of an unreal magnitude; it reached even the sky canopy.[4]


  • 1 Item(s) used by Heavenvine Treefather
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