The Heavenvine Citadel is a Treefather Lineage created by Heavenvine Treefather. Apart from creating the Citadel, Heavenvine Treefather also left behind the Heavenvine Calabash that greatly helped later generations.[1]

Heavenly Tribulation

During Immortal Emperor Bu Si generation, the Heavenvine Citadel became greedy. Sunflower Forefather and several other Ancestors tried to seize the essence of the Heaven's Will to forcefully create another Heavenvine Calabash, but it ended in tragedy. The Heavenly Tribulation punished Heavenvine Treefather and left behind eternal wound.[2][3]

Ever since the Heavenvine Citadel has been looking for an alchemist to cure Treefather, but they were in no rush. They believed that they still has much time to cure the Treefather, and it was more important to train new generations to produce more Treefathers.[1]


The Heavenvine Citadel is situated in the Jade Sea region of the Heaven Spirit World.[5]


The Heavenvine Citadel is situated atop the roots, branches and leaves of Heavenvine Treefather. Its parts intertwined to form a new world. Palaces were built on them and even smaller cities could be found. The old ancestors worked hard to bring many mountains up the vine tree to form landmasses and cities. In the deepest recesses of the vine tree were numerous peaks brought together into a huge continent. It was refined into a forbidden location. This was the heavenly grotto meant for the ancestors.[6]

While standing below the vine and looking up, the entire sky would be blotted out by its branches and leaves. At the same time, there was a feeling that the sky up above was another world entirely due to the sheer size of the vine tree.[6]



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