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The Heavenly Sovereign is the 14th level of Cultivation.

It is a level at which cultivators derive and form their own dao to pave their future path. The crux of this realm was to communicate with the grand dao and derive their mysteries. Each time cultivator derived a dao, it meant the appearance of one divine ring around his body. The more person could derive, the more divine rings person would have which would further increase his cultivation.[1]


  1. Little Sovereign - 1 to 9 divine rings[2]
  2. Grand Sovereign - 10 to 36 divine rings[2]
  3. Jewel Sovereign - 37 to 50 divine rings[2]
  4. World Sovereign - 51 to 81 divine rings[2]
  5. Era Sovereign - 82 to 99 divine rings.[2] The symbol of this level is a shadow that appears behind the cultivator.[3]
  6. Dao Slashing Sovereign - A special type of Heavenly Sovereign. The apex beyond the peak. To reach this level one needs a solid foundation, 99 divine rings, eight or more stars in the Enlightened Being realm and nine or more palaces at the Ancient Saint realm. Legend states that there was a great effect for Dao Slashing Sovereigns who picked the Path of Heavens in the future.[4] The symbol of this level is a crescent moon that hovers around the cultivator.[5]


  • 63 Appearance(s) of Heavenly Sovereign
  • 13 Character(s) at the Heavenly Sovereign level
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