Su Yonghuang's ancestral grandmother was a natural born Heavenly Evil Physique; she cultivated it to Grand Completion.[1]


The Heavenly Evil Physique is a Saint Physique from the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique's branch and as such it grants the lesser variant of the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique's abilities.[note 1]


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    1. It was said in Chapter #0095(WuxiaWorld) that the Heavenly Evil Physique is "Yin" Physiqye and that it is one of the 12 Saint Physiques that have a corresponding Immortal Physique. Moreover it has the same characters: 魔天 as in the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique name: 吞天魔体, so it can be deduced that it is from the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique's branch.
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