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Heavenly Emperor Lin was born in a scholar family, all his ancestors were mortals. Later on, a member of the Soaring Immortal Sect toured through the Barren Earth and took Lin in as a disciple. He forbid Lin to tell outsiders of his status as the Soaring Immortal Sect's disciple, because the Sect wasn't allowed to enter the Mortal Emperor World due to the agreement with Dark Crow.[1]

Because of this, general public only knew that Heavenly Emperor Lin was a member of a mortal scholarly family, who learned basic merit laws at young age and began to travel the world.[2]

Heavenly Emperor Lin is one of the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who was confirmed to have lived until the Eight Desolates Epoch.[3] His descendants within the Giant Silkworm Sect (天蚕宗) inherited the legacy of Soaring Immortal Sect, including the Silk Dragon Robe.[4]



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