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The Heavenly Devil Race is one of the Races favored by the heavens.[1] They originally do not belong to the native races in the Mortal Emperor World.[2]

Unknown Era

Fu Mo of the Heavenly Devil Race, became an Immortal Emperor.[3]

Emperors Era

Some Heavenly Devils joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, when the Sect was at its prime.[1]

Current Era

Venerable Mo Shen, the Wicked-Fiend Heavenly Devil, was one of the many old undyings, who tried to use the Underworld Boat to prolong his life.[4]

Eight Desolates

Heavenly Devils still exists in Eight Desolates Epoch, and mainly consist in Sword Continent.


The Heavenly Devils are perfectly handsome to the point of being devilish. On top of their head was a halo, bestowed by the heavens.[6]


The Heavenly Devils is not just one tribe, it has many side branches:[6]

  1. Wicked-Fiend Tribe[4]
  2. Sky-Devil Tribe


  • Heavenly Devils are the counterpart of Charming Spirits, most likely equivalent to malevolent fairies/imps like irish banshee or japanese kappa.[1]


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  • 1 Tribe(s) of Heavenly Devils
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