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The Heavenly Devil Race is one of the Races favored by the heavens.[1] They originally do not belong to the native races in the Mortal Emperor World.[2]

Unknown Era

Fu Mo of the Heavenly Devil Race, became an Immortal Emperor.[3]

Emperors Era

Some Heavenly Devils joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, when the Sect was at its prime.[1]

Current Era

Venerable Mo Shen, the Wicked-Fiend Heavenly Devil, was one of the many old undyings, who tried to use the Underworld Boat to prolong his life.[4]


The Heavenly Devils are perfectly handsome to the point of being devilish. On top of their head was a halo, bestowed by the heavens.[6]


The Heavenly Devils is not just one tribe, it has many side branches:[6]

  1. Wicked-Fiend Tribe[4]
  2. Sky-Devil Tribe


  • Heavenly Devils are the counterpart of Charming Spirits, most likely equivalent to malevolent fairies/imps like irish banshee or japanese kappa.[1]


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  • 1 Tribe(s) of Heavenly Devils
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