Heavenly Dao's Primal Chapter was part of a primordial grand dao.[1] It was owned by the Blood Progenitor and was left in the Primal Ground's Blood Pond.[2]

Current Era

Li Qiye obtained the Heavenly Dao's Primal Chapter along with the Dao Sword from the Blood Pond. Now it is imprinted Li Qiye's cauldron of life.[3]


The Primal Chapter has the effect of forcing another's lifeblood to be sucked up into the heavenly cauldron, along with any temperature flames.[4]

Heavenly Dao's Primal Chapter empowers the fire from a cultivator's cauldron of life to form something like an ocean with "Countless runes of the grand dao were floating inside this ocean-like fish". It can funnel inside dao attacks or formations to analyze and absorb its power.[1]


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