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According to legends, the name "Heavenly Cauldron (炉神)" was coined by Alchemy God.[1]

The Heavenly Cauldrons are nature's creations. They are not forged by man from metal and stone, but formed naturally. There are many legends about the origin of Heavenly Cauldrons. One said that they were created in a long lost era by Immortals for their alchemy. Other legend said that Heavenly Cauldrons were metal plants born from the heaven and earth. Because they were bathed in worldy essence, they gained their own spirits. After they suffered Heavenly Tribulations, they finally gained a Fire Source. Many people believes the latter legend.[2]


The Heavenly Cauldrons had their own ranking. The power of the Alchemist is directly related to the Heavenly Cauldron – the stronger the Alchemist, the more powerful the Cauldron would be.[3]

The moment an Alchemist obtained a Heavenly Cauldron, it would be the time when it was at its weakest rank. Afterward, the Alchemist would continuously feed it flame sparks and medicinal plants, and they would also make Fate Pills and Physique Pastes nonstop, resulting in the Heavenly Cauldron becoming more powerful. This process was considered the fusion between the Heavenly Cauldron and the Alchemist.[3]

Of course, there were some Alchemists that inherited Heavenly Cauldrons from their predecessors. However, this inheriting process was very difficult. Especially when the rank of the Heavenly Cauldron was high, the integration process became nearly impossible for the Alchemist.[3]


Heavenly Cauldrons are the essential tools to Alchemists, because only with a Heavenly Cauldron one can create Physique Pastes, Longevity Medicines, and Fate Pills.[2]

A Heavenly Cauldron has its own world inside, capable of suppressing all spirit medicines.[3]

The quality of Heavenly Cauldron is determined by the quality of its two parts:

  1. Origin Flame / Fire Source (火源): Alchemists could use different kinds on natural flames to strengthen the Origin Flame. Normally, it is used to refine Fate Pills and other medicines, but it also can be used to refine one's Physique.[2]
  2. Medicinal Treasure (药藏): It determines quality of pill refinement. By feeding it with precious Spirit Medicines and treasure plants one would be able to increase its medicinal property. A powerful Medicinal Treasure can grow the Physique, replenish the Blood Energy and even restore wounds and cure illnesses.[2]

Because there are so many uses for a Heavenly Cauldron, even if one was not an alchemy master, they would still bring a suitable Heavenly Cauldron along.[2]


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