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Heavenly Beasts are one of the most ancient creatures, they came into being at the very beginning, during the era of the gods.[1]


Heavenly Beasts possess an extremely strong body and incredible sharp claws, comparable in might to Life Treasures or True Treasures. They only use the pure force of their physical bodies to fight.[1]

Heavenly Beasts are highly territorial and they will kill and eat everyone who invade it.[1]

Heavenly Beasts are hunted for their Dao Bones and their Beast Marrows. Dao Bones could be refined into Life Treasures[3] and Beast Marrows are the main component of Physique Pastes.[4]

The strenght of Heavenly Beasts and their loot are strongly dependant on their age:[1]


  • Heaven Extermination Devil Ape (灭天魔猿) 1,000,000 years old Heavenly Beast[7]
  • Twin Headed Half-Dragon (双头蛟)[3]
  • Hell Iron Bull (地狱铁牛)[4]
  • Earth Wolf (地行狼) 300 years old Heavenly Beast[8]
  • Earth Wolf Monarch (地行狼王) 3000 years old Heavenly Beast[1]
  • Sky Shouldering Ape (负天猿) 200,000 years old Heavenly Beast[9]
  • Sword Rhinoceros (剑犀牛) 1000 years old Heavenly Beast[8]


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