The Heavenhoof Ravine was an Imperial Lineage created by Immortal Emperor Qilin.[1] Later on it produced another Immortal Emperor, Jin She.[2]

Current Era

In the Current Era the Heavenhoof Ravine controled fifteen strongest sects in the southern region of the Beast Realm, including the Sacred Demon Tribe and the Tombskull Sect.[3] It also controled over ten countries and many other minor nations, including the Ox-Herder Country and the Feather Country.[4]


The Heavenhoof Ravine was destroyed by Li Qiye.[5]

A small group of disciples were lead away by Previous Ravine Master, Scorpion God and Miao Chan prior to its destruction.[6] This group also obtained Ravine's 7 Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and one True Treasure (another was taken by Li Qiye).[5][7] Another group of disciples and even few Elders, who was in the Ravine and survived its destruction, was spared by Li Qiye. They joined the first group.[7]


Heavenhoof Ravine was situated in the Beast Realm of the Stone Medicine World.[2]



Li Qiye obtained Prime Yang Vine, an imortal treasure after its destruction. It looks like an old vine made of gold with a gourd in it that has thunder coming out.


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