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“ Protect the Emperor and guard the heaven's prestige. „
Heavenguard Sect's creed[1]



The Heavenguard Sect was created before the Ancient Ming Era by Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen.[1][2]

The Heavenguard Sect is an Imperial Lineage with three Immortal Emperors and it also produced the highest amount of Godkings and True Gods, so it is believed to be the strongest lineage with three Emperors in the Mortal Emperor World comparable in strength with the all-mighty Soaring Immortal Sect.[1]

The Heavenguard Sect is considered to be the pride of the Human Race, its protector. Because of this, other Imperial Lineages are very respectful towards the Heavenguard Sect.[1]

Ancient Ming Era

The Heavenguard Sect was a faithful follower of Dark Crow and under his banner it participated in many conquests and battles against the Ancient Ming. Countless geniuses fell in those battles; the Heavenguard Sect paid a heavy price after each war.[1]

Eventually, Dark Crow felt too remorseful for their losses and never returned to the Sect again, as he no longer wanted them to follow and die for him.[1]

In case he ever needed to return to the Sect, Dark Crow erected the monolith in front of the Heavenguard Sect and sealed the Golden Crown inside of it. This Crown served as his symbol, so that, no matter that Era it was, the Heavenguard Sect could recognise him.[1]

Emperors Era

The Heavenguard Sect produced its second and third Immortal Emperors: Zhen Yu and Mu Tian. Two Emperors beseeched Dark Crow to visit the Heavenguard Sect countless times, but he always refused.[1]

Difficult Dao Era

Forheaven became the Sect Master of the Heavenguard Sect.[1]

Current Era

Waiting for Emperor's return, the Heavenguard Sect had been low-key for a long time and was always closed to outsiders.[3][1]

Li Qiye came to the Heavenguard Sect and unsealed his Golden Crown to meet this higher-ups and ancestors of the Sect.[1]


During Li Qiye's battle against Dark Existences, fallen combatants' corpses rained down on the Nine Worlds.[4] During this instance, Ancient Ming descended and tried to compete for the corpses of Dark Existences, but was stopped by Old Ghost, Lin Shaoxuan, Worldguard True God, and Azure Dragon Legion, as a result war between them started.[5]

At the end of this war, Heavenguard Sect was destroyed in Ancient Ming's last struggle but they managed to took down this race and sealed its remnants.[6][7]

Heavenguard Sect's demolished ancestral land located in South of Sky Border, and used it for Myriad Sect Meeting.[8]


The Heavenguard Sect is situated in the southeast part of the Barren Earth region of the Mortal Emperor World.[3]


There is a monolith erected immediately outside of Heavenguard Sect's entrance. There are no words carved on the monolith, only the image of a crown that seemed as if it belonged to an Immortal Monarch of the nine heavens.[1]


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