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The Heaven Traversing Eight Saber is a technique from a very archaic era that once belonged to the Martial God. It displays its ultimate power when is used in combination with the Tyrannical Immortal Saber.[1]


The Heaven Traversing Eight Saber consists of eight variations:

  1. River Crossing First Slash (一刀横江): A slash that cuts across the sky like a torrential river. [1]
  2. Hatred Aqua Second Slash (二刀恨水): A saber that covers the sky without leaving any openings.[1]
  3. Void Circle Third Slash (三刀无环): A slash that comes out as a flash with unparalleled speed, capable to take down the sun and moon in the sky.[1]
  4. Overlord Fourth Slash (四刀霸王): A slash with an indescribable might that had the power to flip over mountains and shatter the world.[2]
  5. Heaven Traversing Fifth Slash (五刀横天): A slash that can seal heaven and earth.[2]
  6. God Slaying Saber (六刀屠神): A variaton that causes the saber intent to go completely wild, cutting down everything in its path.[3]


  • 4 Appearance(s) of Heaven Traversing Eight Saber