The Heaven Spirit World is one of the Nine Worlds.[1]


The Heaven Spirit World is a an aquatic world. Magnificent oceans spanned for as far as the eyes could see; no other oceans in the Nine Worlds were as grand as those found here. One couldn't escape water in this world. Tidal waves surged to the sky while undersea craters that spanned for endless miles existed as well. Plenty of spirit stones refined by the oceans were scattered about.[3]

Very few continents could be found here, but there were many mountain ranges. Most of the land was created by the refinement of water, turning liquid into solid forms. Great coral reefs were around as well with great trees sticking out from the water. These reefs and plants grew at the bottom of the sea. They formed many forests — the habitat for countless creatures.[3]


There are three main oceans and one continent in this world:

Burial Grounds


The Heaven Spirit World is the homeworld of the Treants and Sea Demons, these two races can be found only in the Heaven Spirit World. The third main race of the Heaven Spirit World is the Charming Spirits. All three races have many lineages in the World, while other races are almost non existent.[3]

The Humans, for example, are very scarce in the Heaven Spirit World. At the same time, thanks to their fertility, the Humans had a special job — the breeding stallion. Their job is to mate with Treants, Sea Demons and Charming Spirits for offspring.[3]

Apart from the Charming Spirits, Treants and Sea Demons, some people considers the Withered to be the fourth greateast Race of the Heaven Spirit World. Similar to Treants and Sea Demons, the Withered can be found only in the Heaven Spirit World. Moreover, they are living only in one place - the Divine Tree Ridge. Since they inhabit one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds, some people considers the Withered to not be a Race of living existences, but corpses.[6]


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