The Heaven Sealing Pentagate is a Foreign Dao Treasure comparable to Immortal Emperor Life and True Treasures.[1]

It was created during the Legendary Era or even earlier.[2]

Current Era

Li Qiye got it from Coffin-Tapping Imp.[3]


The Heaven Sealing Pentagate is a five bronze doors placed on top of each other. They are of the same size and when they lined up with each other, they would make a huge gate. Each of the doors had different patterns engraved on them, and many runic outlines around them.[1]

Five different patterns on each of the doors — Sun Consuming Bird, Moon Eating Wolf, Star Devouring Ant, Heaven Shrouding Eagle, and Earth Sealing Rat![4]


The Heaven Sealing Pentagate can seal a space surounded by five doors. The space inside will be completely separated from the world outside. Once upon a time the Heaven Sealing Pentagate was used to seal an entire realm.[3] Even Virtuous Paragon with Immortal Emperor Life Treasure can be sealed inside and will be unable to break out for some time.[5]


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