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The Heaven Race is one of the Tenth World three exclusive Races and it is said that they are favored by the heavens.[1]

The race seems to be connected to the Dark Overlord, who possessed Brilliant Devil Emperor and attacked Celestial Academy. In the middle of his brows there was a symbol of the heaveners. It was larger than the symbol of anyone else, but also completely black.[2]


The scepter symbol on the forehead, in the middle of their brows, is the unique marking of the heaveners. Not all members of this race have this scepter marking. Mortals do not have it; only after reaching a particular cultivation level or a certain thickness in their bloodline would this scepter appear. Also, some of the noblest members would have the scepter at birth.[4]

Normally, the stronger the person, the more golden their symbol would be.[2]


  • 4 Representative(s) of Heaven Race
  • 4 Lineage(s) of Heaven Race
  • 1 Event(s) in which Heaven Race participated


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