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Heaven Extermination Devil Ape was born in the Evil Infested Ridge around a 1,000,000 years before the end of the Emperors Era.[1]

Current Era

At the start of the Current Era a large group of cultivators entered the Evil Infested Ridge. Li Qiye lead many of them into Heaven Extermination Devil Ape's territory and Devil Ape killed them all for trespassing.[1]

Shortly after, then Evil Typha Tree reemerged, Devil Ape escaped from its territory in panic, trying to go as far away from the Tree as possible.[2]


It had the appearance of an ape, with giant bones rising from its back. These bones were sucking and emitting countless black lights, like ferocious spears piercing the sky.[3]

There were two wings behind this great ape. The moment they were spread open, it blotted out the sun. Countless amounts of profound dao and murderous universal laws fell down from the sky, like giant iron chains, emitting clanking sounds.[3]


Heaven Extermination Devil Ape like to eat the Diverse Serpent Fruits the most and it hates the Filthy Fruits the most.[1]


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