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The Heaven's Will Secret Laws (天命秘术) are the strongest techniques in the Nine Worlds, apart from the arts from the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures. Heaven's Will Secret Law allows one to communicate with the Heaven's Will, so its power is endless.[1]

Every Immortal Emperor can create only one Heaven's Will Secret Law,[1] and it is the highest achievement in their life.[2] The power of Heaven's Will Secret Law is greatly exceeds other Immortal Emperor Merit Laws as it carry the Heaven's Will godly aura.[3]

The Heaven's Will is different in every generation, so each Secret Law is also different and one of a kind.[3] Because of that it is difficult to harmonize two different Heaven's Will Secret Laws inside one person, and yet, many geniuses throughout history were successful and cultivated two Heaven's Will Secret Laws at the same time.[4]

List[edit | edit source]

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Name Emperor Lineage
Daylight Sky Immortal Secret Min Ren Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect
Qing Xuan's Secret Law Qing Xuan Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom
San Dao's Secret Law San Dao Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom
Fu Mo's Secret Law Fu Mo Brilliance Ancient Kingdom
Yao Guang's Secret Law Yao Guang Brilliance Ancient Kingdom
Cyclical River of Fate Qian Li Thousand Carp River
Ju Tian's Secret Law Ju Tian Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground
Chong Huang's Secret Law Chong Huang Insect King Imperial Lineage
Heaven's Will Crystal Physique Jing Yu Crystallized Sea Sect


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