The Heaven's Will Crystal Physique is the Heaven's Will Secret Law created by Immortal Emperor Jing Yu.[1] It is cosidered to be one of the greatest Heaven's Will Secret Laws of all eras; even Dark Crow was impressed by this Secret Law. After creating it, once mediocre, Immortal Emperor Jing Yu could be ranked among the top ten emperors.[2]

The Heaven's Will Crystal Physique is one of the most difficult Merit Laws to cultivate. People who succefully cultivated it could be counted with both hands.


Heaven's Will Crystal Physique could nullify all damage, even Immortal Emperor's attacks. However, it had a critical weakness, one could only use it for a limited time and it required a long time to recharge.[2] This limited time could be increased with the Merit Law expertise.[note 2] It broke in the face of the Death Coffin and Li Qiye's Immortal Physiques.[?]

Many years later, Li Qiye said that with the new sword he has, not even Immortal Emperor Jing Yu with Heaven's Will Crystal Physique could withstand 1 slash from him.[3]



  1. It is not really a Physique.
  2. The principal difference with Indestructible Diamond Immortal Physique is that the latter could be used continuosly but its hardness increases with its cultivation.
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