The Heaven's Primal is the 9th level of cultivation.[2]

One of the requirements for the Heaven's Primal is a rebirth of one's body and the understanding of techniques as well as a body protection aura.[2]

The Heaven's Primal is a boundary for cultivators. Once they have reached this rank, to take an extra step, it was harder than grabbing the sky. At this rank, it was not just dependent on one’s aptitude and talents, but it also depended on one’s Merit Laws, Heavenly Magnificent Treasures, and other various aspects, etc.[3]

Once a cultivator reached the Heaven's Primal realm, they could refine their True Fate into a Heaven's Will Primal Soul, allowing their True Fate to escape from their bodies. This way, even if their bodies get destroyed, they could still build a new one.[?]

Once reaching the Heaven's Primal realm, cultivators could fly without relying on any treasures.[4]


  1. Wisdom Opening (开智)[5]
  2. Fate Tempering (淬命)[5]
  3. Bridge Creation (筑桥)[5]


  • 14 Appearance(s) of Heaven's Primal
  • 2 Character(s) at the Heaven's Primal level


    1. It is not a title like "Named Hero" or "Royal Noble"; just another variant of translation.
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