The Heaven's Primal is the 9th level of cultivation.[2]

One of the requirements for the Heaven's Primal is a rebirth of one's body and the understanding of techniques as well as a body protection aura.[2]

The Heaven's Primal is a boundary for cultivators. From this level onward, the further progress is no longer depends on one's aptitude and talents only, but it also depends on one's Merit Laws, Treasures, etc.[3]

Once a cultivator reached the Heaven's Primal realm, they could refine their True Fate into a Heaven's Will Primal Soul, allowing their True Fate to escape from their bodies. This way, even if their bodies get destroyed, they could still build a new one.[?]

Once reaching the Heaven's Primal realm, cultivators could fly without relying on any treasures.[4]


  1. Wisdom Opening (开智)[5]
  2. Fate Tempering (淬命)[5]
  3. Bridge Creation (筑桥)[5]


  • 4 Appearance(s) of Heaven's Primal


    1. It is not a title like "Named Hero" or "Royal Noble"; just another variant of translation.
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